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Analytics Training

Prime Factor specialises in analytics and business intelligence software training tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • Your software
  • Your data and
  • Training sessions scheduled to suit your workforce
  • Onsite or at a convenient location
  • Graded to give beginners confidence and competence to do their essential tasks
  • Workshops and advanced topics to ensure your IT and business analysts can tackle difficult data and system performance problems.

Time is precious. We know training needs to be relevant and efficient for adult learners who are taking time out from their busy schedules. As independent consultants, we are not trying to promote software by padding out training with every feature and marketing messages. We show users how to “put it all together” using the core features and handy tips.

Training empowers people. Training gives your people the knowledge and skills to make good decisions and plans, and it helps people be more productive and satisfied in their jobs. A recent survey showed that one of the top reasons why people look for a new job is because they want more training and development!

Online learning is not enough. It is accessible and cheap but research shows that learners only gain snippets of knowledge. They don’t integrate and retain that knowledge well. For complex knowledge and tasks, online resources are a supplement not a foundation.

No more “listen and learn”. We need to see, do and discuss.  Most people learn better what they see than what they hear. They learn even better when they do the tasks – trying it out, practicing as they go. But did you know that the best learning happens when they talk about what we are learning and have fun? Talking forces the brain to connect the ideas, identify what’s missing and distill the information. When we have fun the dopamine flows and this makes the information “stick” better.

There’s no substitute for classroom training.  Trainers and students discuss the material. Students can ask questions, explain what they see and have fun working with other students. Trainers make sure students can “do” before they get back on the job.

Classroom training might cost more but delivers more.

Whether you want to lift productivity and morale, or manage change during a software or database migration, contact us to explore what we can do for you.