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Prime Factor is a private company based in Sydney, Australia. After thirty years in the IT and financial services industries, we are turning our focus to the urgent need for people and businesses to align their activities to the natural environment, instead of putting the economy first.

The burning of fossil fuels and widespread use of toxic chemicals in agriculture and manufacturing has damaged the environment permanently and affected the health of the latest generations of humans in ways that are becoming more apparent every day. We have disrupted the digestive processes that we are adapted to through thousands of years, not just by eating junk food full of fat, sugar and salt, but also by eating mass produced food grown in nutrient depleted soils. The DNA of our children was affected by our own health, and now their growth and the health of their future children is being shaped by the food and air we provide them today.

Our health is inextricably linked to the health of the natural environment. And the health of the natural environment is impacted every day by our economic and consumption activities.

We must challenge and change the widespread practices of burning fossil fuels, using chemicals in food production, using non-degradable plastic for one-time uses, and so on.

Transformation can seem difficult, but we see it as an opportunity to innovate and recover the health of people, land and water, and the wildlife that lives within.  It is an opportunity to change work patterns and find new purpose in daily activities. It ensures that children will experience natural beauty and biodiversity, rather than a wasteland and urban jungle for the rest of their lives.

We want to combine our technology and business skills with a passion to protect and enjoy the fullness of  nature for the sake of our children.