Prime Factor invests in businesses which pursue environmental sustainability. Our mission is to secure the wellbeing of children and in the future by increasing carbon sinks, biodiversity and use of renewable energy, while minimising use of chemicals, plastics and fossil fuels.

We look for opportunities in:

  • Sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry businesses with low carbon footprint and regeneration of topsoil
  • Organic food producers with high nutrient content and low footprint
  • Renewable energy providers in solar, wind and hydro
  • Waste recycling for a circular economy
  • Financial and technology service providers that enable these primary and secondary producers
  • Mining for essential metals for renewable technologies, not fossil fuels
  • Mining and land remediation services
  • Manufacturers of products made from natural materials.

We invest through listed and unlisted shares, direct ownership and operation of assets, and provision of associated services. We value alliances and partnerships through which we can research, learn and share.

Contact us to explore sustainability projects.