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Prime Factor

Data analytics

With data analytics, your business can use the data from operational systems and external data to:

  •  understand customers, transactions, supply chains etc 
  • predict what might happen and plan responses 
  • gain insights which can be used to design change and optimise
  • detect errors, anomalies and risk
  • monitor and respond in real-time if necessary
to name a few examples.

Data must be designed, prepared, manipulated and presented in a way that communicates clear messages and empowers analysts and managers to engage with the information and take informed action.

Data science is a multi-disciplinary approach which combines the technical computing skills with business experience to understand the requirements, and psychosocial skills to communicate and understand the user experience.

Prime Factor’s people have worked with clients in wide range of industry and government, developing business intelligence and data analytics solutions in an iterative way which quickly demonstrates what’s possible and incorporates feedback. 
We have training in a range of mainstream software tools and databases, and are always willing to take on new things.